December 19, 2022

Overwhelmed by Email? Heres How to Quickly Clean up a Gmail Inbox!

You don't have to sigh and shake your fist in frustration every time you open Gmail. Use this guide to clean up a Gmail inbox quickly.

Overwhelmed by Email? Heres How to Quickly Clean up a Gmail Inbox!

Did you know that humans send around 300 billion emails in just a single day?

Offers from companies, work reminders, and so much spam. Some of it you need, but the vast majority is superfluous refuse masquerading as important correspondence. If you're the sort of person who loves an orderly inbox, this sort of situation is a nightmare.

Fortunately, you can clean up a Gmail inbox in a number of easy, one-click ways. Tools can help you to mass delete emails in Gmail and organize everything else that makes it through.

Keep reading as we discuss a few of the ways you can stay organized.

Clean Up a Gmail Inbox by Unsubscribing From Marketing Emails

Many of the emails you receive come from companies whose services you use. But in many cases, these companies send a lot of junk mail to get you to pay for extra features. If you have no intention of using them, then why continue to suffer through so much garbage in your main Gmail inbox?

Most emails provide an unsubscribe link at the bottom, which takes you directly to an unsubscribe page. From there, you can choose which emails to receive and save settings. But this takes a long time, especially if you get emails from dozens of companies.

Use a Chrome extension like Trimbox and unsubscribe from hundreds of emails in a single click.

Teach Gmail Which Emails Are Important

Important emails often get lost in the flow--unless you make it clear that they're important. Gmail learns from how you use it. If you star important emails, Gmail will remember that when it gets future emails from the same provider.

Likewise, you can mute notifications from emails that are less important, or filter them automatically into different folders. Report emails as spam regularly so you'll get less of them over time. That way your main inbox stays clean and only what's important remains.

Use Tools to Organize Your Inbox

There are a lot of automatic tools that will keep your inbox nice and clean for you. These often come in the form of browser extensions that you can install with a single click. Whenever your browser is open, they'll work to delete and organize according to the parameters you set.

If you get a lot of useless emails, this is a great way to mass delete emails in Gmail. It saves you from having to manually declutter at the end of the week.

Use Trimbox to Organize Your Email Inbox

If you need to clean up a Gmail inbox, there are plenty of tools that will help you along the way. Use tools to unsubscribe from emails and to make sure unwanted emails never reach your inbox. Teach Gmail which emails are important, and which are spam, so repeat issues don't happen.

Trimbox is here to make sure your Gmail inbox never gets cluttered again. Make an account and install the extension today for a mess-free inbox.