November 21, 2022

Best Way to Organize Your Email

Are you trying to declutter your inbox but aren't sure where to start? Keep reading as we give you the best way to organize your emails for max efficiency.

Best Way to Organize Your Email

Most people are greeted with more than 100 emails each day when they go to check their email.

With so many emails constantly pouring in, it can be difficult to keep your email account organized and clutter-free. Luckily, there are several strategies that can help you stay on top of your email organization, no matter if it's spam emails, subscriptions, or work correspondence.

Here's a look at how to organize your email so you can work and live more efficiently.

Use Labels

There may be emails that you need or want to keep, but you don't need to scroll through them every day in your main inbox. This is where labels come in.

Create different labels for your emails, including tags like "Kids," "Bills/Payments," "Online Orders," "Events," and so on. Then you'll be able to move each email from your main inbox to its specific labeled folder so it's out of your main inbox yet easy to find later.

Most email accounts also offer labeling tools like stars or flags, which can be helpful in separating important emails from less important ones.

Hit "Unsubscribe"

Many people scroll through their hundreds of emails, skimming the subject lines of emails they'll never read but never taking action to get rid of them.

Removing yourself from unnecessary subscriptions is an easy way to reduce the number of emails you receive daily. Oftentimes this process is simple and quick - just click on the email, search for the "unsubscribe" option, and you're done!

If you're not sure which emails to unsubscribe from, think about how often you open and read emails from each company. If the answer is rarely or never, unsubscribing is the way to go.

There are also digital tools like Trimbox that can help you unsubscribe from different mailing lists with a single click!

Create Separate Email Accounts

If you haven't already, now is a great time to separate out your email accounts to enhance your organization. For example, have one account dedicated to only work emails, one account for subscriptions, online orders, personal correspondence, and so on.

This will make it easier for you to find emails that you need, and it will also make the process of going through emails a calmer, less stressful experience.

Dedicate Time to Deleting

Spam emails add up quickly when you aren't looking. Even if you try hard not to give your email out to different companies or surveys, it's likely that your email inbox will have a fair amount of spam in it.

To cleanse your inbox of these unnecessary emails, spend a little bit of time - we're talking just a few minutes! - deleting them each day. By staying on top of spam emails, you'll declutter your inbox much more efficiently.

How to Organize Your Email: Quick Tips

Now that you know how to organize your email, you're ready to use these tips and tricks to create an inbox that's tidy and stress-free. While labeling and deleting emails will help, unsubscribing from email lists is the best way to declutter your inbox.

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